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2021-02-23 10:42:08 (UTC)

Whispers of Forgotten

On days such as this
When all lessons seem lost
I wander the forgotten labyrinth of my mind
Unable to recollect a single detail of it's construct
So many secrets lost I may never regain
The resulting numbness keeps the pain at bay
Beauty also is kept just out of sight
An adverse effect of the Universe's need for balance
The agony I felt that night was beyond my capabilities to bear
I sit alone in this cold hell
My strength became my weakness
How I hate a cliché
The belief that no obstacle exists that I cannot overcome
Causes the strength and comfort I need
From those I hold most dear
Heartbreakingly, absent
I am not in the least overly self-critical
But I have only recently acquired knowledge
Known to so few
Self-awareness brings pain
Equally, it comforts
My human nature
Without acknowledging the benefit
Frequently allows the hurt to overshadow any peaceful haven
Doomed to remain hidden
I seek stillness yet allow chaos to reign
My fears have turned phobic
I choke on the essence of tomorrow
As my spirit rages
Demanding a freedom only remembered in
Whispers of forgotten dreams