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2021-02-23 16:28:13 (UTC)

a nice compliment

when i was in the hospital i had met someone who gave me a very nice compliment and I'm not gonna say who it was or what they told me but it made me want to stay alive and made me feel a lot better, it was what i needed, and they really were kind to me which i had not seen for a while and it made my day better.

i see things like that and i just really see the good in people and that they are some nice people in the world as well.
regardless of where you meet someone, people can be nice and they can help you.

and the funny thing was that i had met this person a few years ago, in the same hospital and they did not remember me but i sure did remember them, mainly because of they have an interesting name which is hard to forget. but i feel like it was fate to run into them again, perhaps i was meant to meet them again. and i will leave it at that. but it is true that people do come into your life for a reason.