If I die today
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2021-02-23 07:46:00 (UTC)

hurtful advance directives

Its been on my mind for a few days that well my advance directives that have eGen listed as a contact they speficaly probhit my family IDK I guess I should go look and reread what it says about my parents and family. As far as my husband that cool and fine he should have nothing to do with me. Excluding my family wouldnt be like my brother did it just meant they cannont and should not move me back to thier state and call it "home" and that well if I'm incompentant they dont get to make decisions. It was written up in a more hurtful time and you gotta know I was under a lot of pressure to return to the helliousious life that by the grace of God I got away from . I honestly do not want to be subject to them again. No longer can they have authoiuty over me. I"m sure they are diffrent people now but never again. I'm still hurt about the past and have trust issues and theres noone in my family i would trust or authourise to care for me at this point. It wasnt to say they couldnt visit. I mean I dont wanna be buried and mocked in thier neck of the woods either that was never my home. Idk when or how or if I'll update my advanced directives but I guess I should make that clear I'm not banashing them . Anyhow physically I suppose things are good day I'm a few days in on DTE took a whole tablesppon this morning. Diet is going ok. My leg hurts but thats old been doing indoor workotus due to wind . Called verizon yesterday and they sold us a 25$ a month package.. SMH so well I gotta call a new number now to install some sorta software on my phone to check it and then correct. We will see how that goes I was overwhelmed yesterday when I talked to verizon and didnt call the new number they gave me to activate this. But if theere is something installed by a malisous person it may piss them off if its someone I know and perhaps they would attempt again to get into my stuff. Well I guess thats the deal for today if I die well I didnt mean harm on my AD and well who knows what will kill me today