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2021-02-22 23:10:35 (UTC)

My Bad Boy Pt4

last night i met with him!! i was waiting at the meeting spot he said he'd be a little late because he had to walk his little sister home first, i said okay. i am soo exited i was wearing black skinny jeans and a plain black t-shirt i had a black leather jacket on (no hood) and black chunk heeled boots. honestly any person walking by would think im a random emo girl that listens to Halestorm too much lol by the time he got there i was actually listening to Halestorm. he snuck up on me and i ended up shrieking like a toddler getting tickled and he laughed at me. the sad part i couldnt even get mad at him he's sooo hot! god now i sound like a fan girl, oh well. anyway, so he sneaks up on me and we talk i blush pretty dark he thinks it hilarious blah blah blah and that kind of stuff apparently he doesnt even want to be the most popular hottie in school (he didnt put it that way i am being a 15 y/o girl) and he's actually nice if you look past the stubborn asshole part of him. and apparently i didnt have to push my way through the fangirls because we are now science partners i just got the email and not even a minute later he texts me asking if i wanted to come over to his house -///////- my response was sure why not but my real reaction was my going nuts im am now on my way over and the cool thing is he only lives a few houses down from me and i told him about my online diary he said he had one but on a different site. ack! i'll finish later im here