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2032-05-19 14:16:00 (UTC)

Born to Be A Cowboy (Color Coded)

Shira - Samantha J (She replaced Liza A)
Megan - Maris Redona
Danielle W - SC (She replaced Eliza R)
Christian - Rolando (He replaced Ethan)
Matt - Giovanni R
Casey - Franco

I was born to be a cowboy
Born to ride the range
Only trouble was
I didn’t get the chance
I wanted that to change
So I got myself all ready
I’m waiting for my big day

I’ve got spurs on the heels
Of my cowboy boots
And the best pair of chaps around
I’ve got a pretty little pony
That’s my best friend
I’m ready for trouble
If it comes to town
I’ve got a shirt made special
In Texas
A bandanna around my neck
And toppin’ it off
I’ve got a ten-gallon hat
Now I’m a real cowboy
Are you ready for that
I was born to be a cowgirl
Born to rope a steer
I can ride and rope with
The best of them
I’ll make it perfectly clear
If you think that I can’t do it
Boy will you be surprised

Repeat chorus

I was born to be a cowgirl
I was born to be a cowboy