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2028-04-24 13:36:00 (UTC)

Best Noelia A Moments:

Season 1:
May 22, 2017: Pilot episode:
Clip: Noelia entering the stage:
Big Brother Season 1:
September 24, 2018:
Clip: Noelia enters the big brother house:
September 27, 2018:

January 4, 2019:
Clip: Noelia got evicted:
Season 2:
No Audience:
Big Brother Season 2:
February 25, 2021: Violations episode:
Clip: Noelia is safe for her violations:
Big Brother: Noelia Venetia?
Noelia Venetia: Yes Brother?
Big Brother: You are safe for the violations.
(Housemates cheering, and Noelia emotionally safe pose)
Noelia Venetia: Thank you so much everyone.
Clip: Noelia enjoying her summer photos with her friends:
At Big Brother Friends Thurs House: Pool Area:
Frida Cano: Do you have fun?
Noelia: Yeah. (drinks coconut water) Have you violated?
Frida Cano: Not sure Noelia. (scrolls for the summer photos)
(Noelia: I just chat around with Frida Cano for the same time when it's very hot in US.)
Noelia: Oh yeah you are right Frida. Someone has Violated, but Andrea Leal didn't get the violations yet.
Frida Cano: Oh. Okay.
Big Brother: Camila Redona enter the Pool Area.
(Camila enters the pool Area)
Camila: Hi.
Frida Cano, Noelia A: Hola Camila.
(Camila sits in the pool chair)
Camila: Do you get violations yet?
Frida Cano: No. I'll ask Brother.
Camila: Okay.
(Noelia drinking coconut water)
Season 3:
Big Brother Season 3:
Season 4:
Big Brother Season 4:

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