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2021-02-23 06:59:12 (UTC)

A love —- or— A dream

'a love- a dream'

my gaze upon my sweet love is amorousness and awe
I find everything about this man of mine erotic
his eyes are full of hunger and yearning
and my thirst for him is pure lust and desire

when we are apart I am filled with disquietude
as my need is both joy and misery
love like this is a beautiful rapture that comes unbidden
it is an infinite bond that is fragile as a blooming flower
I am swept away in the fever of this passion
it comes to me like wind driven storm clouds twirling
and we are sent swirling on vast rolling ocean waves
then, we plunge into the deep fathomless blue
and we are drenched with this wild love

when we are together there is an intensity and aching
a vehemence fierce and bold with a captivating promise
he makes me so happy and I glow with effervescence
our love is growing like a wandering forest vine searching

we can talk for hours and hours for time means nothing to us
I have a deep respect for his opinion on all matters
and he is a good listener and likes it when I read my written words
and I see and feel his many admirable qualities
oh, for this man I have great reverence and veneration

and when he kisses my waiting lips red as wine
I gasp in the knowledge that this romance we share is eternal
it will endure and go on forever and will be unending
I love this man with- a love- or - a dream.....