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2021-02-23 12:05:50 (UTC)


we had our relationship review yesterday (on zoom of course) sign of our times. Linda is away and back next month so we did our relationship review over zoom. Where we highlight what went well, needs improvement (past quarter) and our objectives and actions for the next quarter. Didn't really go that well as there is an animal in the room. We still have difference of opinion on what happened on her birthday. She was away and I pay a certain amount to her for household bills and I though a portion of that money was for expenses like birthday so I asked for the portion of the money so I can use for her birthday and she got upset that the money was never meant for such as it covers 50% of the house bills. there is much more to the story....I may tell the details of the story another time. Anyway it did leave a bitter taste in both our mouth as I left the conversation thinking she was not being considerate and moreover the money i asked for only covered a third of the money i spent on her birthday and valentines day 9her birthday is a few days before valentines day). Anyway it raised its ugly head during the review and she went into her snobby mode which made the review very difficult. One thing we both agreed on definitely is that we will be going for marriage counselling. I never thought I would need that because generally I am able to put a finger on how to resolve conflicts may be i don't actually implement it but I can analyse and identify the issues but now I think otherwise because it will be better coming from a third party may she will accept such and also i think there are some deep baggage we are both carrying from previous experiences that is impacting our relationship so counselling might bring that to life.