Alan T. Fitch

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2021-02-23 11:40:05 (UTC)

Tidying my room


I have searched all around my room, and still have not found the plug for the laptop. Mum has hit the roof, silently and inside. She doesn't want to know about me right now. Mark said that I am a hazard, despite I told him that it didn't help that he stormed in and out with half of the lead.
Now I have only one option: Re-do my room, and see if it is there. So far, I have taken everything off the floor and no lead. The only other place I can look is in my cupboard. I have already checked there, and no, it's not there.
I now have to polish all my surfaces. I am currently typing with my left elbow on my bed frame, with literally everything on the bed. Apart from the cupboard stuff. I am in the corner of the room.

My entry ends here.