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2021-02-23 11:24:00 (UTC)

Painful most of evening

Have to admit I seem to feel a little better after being up most of the night. Took Tramadol 50mg. Don't feel I'll need any more even If I do have a dozen or more left. Try to keep on hand for future pains that just come every so often. Have regular pains that I grew up with and there still a pain and always will be. Been told that Jr. was asked to move to Missouri/Cassville . Know there is a lot of cheap $400.00 two bedroom rents out their, but jobs is another one. Maybe wants to work in glass as grandson or something. Same money, but have not spoke to him in a while since water went off for a week. Told that youngest ma&pa son stated it was trouble in his bath nd shower, and paid $150.00 to get everything repaired. Asked me last night around 9pm if I was getting water. Plus bringing the mail, one piece didn't make it to me, probably and oversight, but interested in amount credit card increased as well payments for off hours electric repairs.
Placed in order for my food supplies for rest of month and will be here tomorrow. Not to mention all kinds of other goodies from doctors in way of medications. Yukl!

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