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2021-02-23 03:13:12 (UTC)

Shitty sleep

Another night of a shitty sleep. Drifted off around 930, woke up after midnight, seen the time and rolled back over with the tv on, dozed back off till 2, haven’t been able to drift back off.
I’m beyond flipping tired.
My eyes burn I’m so dang tired.
3 of the 5 cats up in my bubble.
My catdog laying next to my head, reminding me, mommy I miss you. His paw lightly touching my face off and on. Such a sweetheart....but annoying 😂
Gave him his kisses and love and it’s never enough. That cat is one of a kind.

No snow here but the wind is brewing heavy, putting a damp chill on the place. Gotta call and get a propane fill tomorrow. Dreading that.

Tried getting some items left needed to grab with the amazon gift card from Christmas. Took me almost 2 months to use up the 100$ gift card. Ordered some more beef sticks for the kid, ordered some more of the health bars for myself, seeing as I eat 3 a day, breakfast, mid day, and bedtime with an activia.

Brewing coffee now, hoping it’ll either put me back to sleep, or wake me up. Who knows.

I’d make a call, but not sure how the roads are up there, and nervous about calling and having it be shitty roads. I’d rather have him concentrate and be safe......
I’m sure he will call when he needs me or no one else is available. Till then, just praying he’s safe and well.

I quit playing 2 of my online games. Just not into it anymore. Been 2 years and finally walked away from them. No big loss. Wasn’t into them much. Will find a new solo game or something. Just don’t game much. My time is pretty much spent on texts or Snapchat. I ended up posting the funniest nasty meme.....
“When you go down on her, and it tastes salty.......You know, someone’s already been there”
😂🤣I busted out laughing. Gross but true. The other one was a chick dropping her pants to pee, and a bunch of cats sitting in front of her on the toilet, and the meme says “when ya drop your pants and all the cats think you opened a can of tuna” 😂🤣gross but funny.
I know I know, I’m a little twisted for a woman in the humor department.

Ahwell, going to pop laundry into the dryer, grab a cuppa joe and if the phone don’t ring, I’ll probably try drifting back off.....if not, we’ll, f*ck me. Going to be a long ass day.

Till later...