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2021-02-23 08:53:00 (UTC)

Taking the blindfold off ....

I have been wanting to build something with a special person for quite some time now and now that it is happening I feel like I have taken the blindfold off. It is sad to truly see someone for their true colors. For sooo long I looked forward to having a future with this individual, making plans, calling this person mine, sharing my joy, fears with this person. I have that person with me now and I feel empty; throughout the time I waited for there to be something he killed me little by little without me realizing it. I don't feel like this individual cares sure they say it but I am a firm believer of actions speak louder than words. This individual is selfish, they only care about themselves. I wanted this for so long and now that they're finally here next to me I realize what a piece of shit they are. I took so many things from this person and waited for them to come around and now that they're here I realized what I didn't realize when I was there. They expect me to be open arms now and ready but that's not the case. They killed me little by little every single time they hurt me. I can't help but not be the same even around them. I feel now like I hold somekind of anger for everything they did to me. They created this. For so long I stuck around, I took all the jabs, the disrespect, every time they threw me to the trash, I was there.. every single time they came back I was there. I no longer want to be there ..... I never deserved any of it. My only mistake was loving too hard. Giving them my all when they didn't deserve shit from me.