This Is It - 2021
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2021-02-22 00:00:00 (UTC)

Short Sleep


What up, I'm M, I'm 21, and I never actually learned how to do the things on my to do list after writing the list

Today was a day. I imagine it might have been a good one - didn't rain too much. But I did also sleep through most of it, so I wouldn't know. I woke up in the early afternoon stayed awake for a few hours, went back to sleep, woke up for a couple more hours for schoolwork, and now I find myself right back in bed.

In the bits I was awake: 1. I got sad because I realized there are no Arby's nearby and so I couldn't do a quick run for their fries, 2. My mom's friend played some joke song about short people that says they have little hands and little feet and little teeth and nobody to love and said it was dedicated to me ( I'm not THAT short :( ), and 3. I did so much Spanish vocab - My family likes to joke that all I do is Spanish work and it feels pretty accurate. I understand I'm trying to learn a whole new language but there's So Much (and I did duolingo lessons along with my class-assigned vocab. MORE Spanish)

I might try and do my chores around the house tomorrow. I might not. I am making no inevitably-broken promises to myself tonight. I already don't feel 100% right now and I don't know how that's going to be tomorrow. Maybe I'll try and do social stuff though...

Why was I cursed with a physical form...