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2021-02-23 07:51:24 (UTC)

Is it mad

So - is it mad to buy a new house which is 40 minutes from my few friends just because. It is near Hannah which is great and it is in an actual little town which i think is nice when you get old. And this house feels tired and old but and i know this, that could well be because of lock down and the fact that i have gone nowhere for a year.
Should i get myself a job instead? But - I don’t really want a job as then i cant go on holiday when i want to. That is luxury right there. I do work of course. Not many hours granted but i do. If you add dog walking and cleaning to my work then i am fully employed. And if i did work elsewhere we would have to add:
Someone to help at the office who gets H&S - say 20 hours a week at £20,000
Cleaner for the house at £6000
Dog walking at £5000
So there you have it — a wage of £31000 just there without effort. I don’t know. Useful i feel not. I need to get on with something else but I don’t have enough hours in the day as it is so I don’t know.
I don’t want to work elsewhere - it feels scary. I don’t think i would do anything apart from make mistakes.
Oh well see- I don’t think it will happen but how we are going to make money to live I don’t know. That is another issue....maybe just selll up everything in England and live off the land in Sweden.
We could of course buy something much smaller in England but I don’t want to . They feel so small and silly. Or indeed a house on the estate i saw yesterday which neither me or Steve liked. Again, why. Then you are stuck somewhere you don’t really want to be. Or maybe it doesn’t matter once you close your door?
ANyhows - the difference in money is£100,000 and that’s not the end of the world. It is the general cost of moving which is freaking me out more. So expensive! About £50,000 once you add everything and a bit of furniture. It feels very extravagant.