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2021-02-21 09:23:00 (UTC)

A Caden Situation

Once upon a time,

The sad little girl was often close to death and not because she wanted to die by her own hand, but because others wanted her dead. Maybe if people didn't hate her so much, maybe she wouldn't have hated herself so much as well.


Caden has been on Tinder and is talking to some woman there. :( I don't want him to talk to any other woman other than me. She'll be taking him away from me. And I know that it sounds like I like him, but I really don't think I do. To keep him from leaving, will I have to date him myself? But honestly, I don't like him like that... But I know he likes me. I even told him that this woman is going to have a hard time living up to my awesomeness. I don't want him to leave though.

Caden has been coming over to my house once a week so far, bring a ton of food/snacks/alcohol and we'd play Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros on the Switch with Chase and Nathan. It's so much fun! I'd be cursing everyone out saying that they're a bitch, whore, and telling my older, Chase, "Pft, one star *when I'm winning*". I like yelling, screaming, and having a ton of fun with my brothers and Caden! I like burping and blowing it in Caden's face and laughing a ton after! I like telling my parents when they come home that Caden was drunk and slapped my ass (which didn't happen) right in front of Caden where he'd embarrassingly say that it wasn't true! I like going to food places with Caden and coming home telling Chase that Caden spilled the drinks because he was driving like fucken maniac which is partially true lol. Still. It's all fun. Those are the days that I look forward to now. Caden is coming over on Saturday. But he's going on a date with this dyke of a woman on Wednesday. I know where it's going to be at and I'm thinking about showing up out of the blue with a black hat, black clothes, sunglasses, and everything just following him around to see how it's going and hopefully ruin it. I suck- I know. I'm not willing to date him, yet I'm preventing him from dating others. *sigh* Whelp.

Me: I know you want your independence and stuff, but it doesn't mean you should be a dick about it. You've been pretty rude to me lately- that's really fucked up.
Caden: Okay, I'll be a man and admit that I have been rude to you and I'm sorry for that. How about I make it up to you by taking you out to eat after drill?
Me: Yeah, stop being rude to me... Okay! Me hungry!
*He picks me up and we eat at a burger place- so delicious. We bring food for my brothers, but I stay in the car and keep talking to him. After a long while of talking, he goes home.*
Me: You won't ignore me anymore? I'm like a puppy- I require a lot of attention. If I don't get it, I'll start looking for another owner. N who doesn't like puppies?
Caden: I won't ignore you. And I like puppies.

That's all for now. All over the place, but it's nice in a way.

From yours truly,
Karma Rose