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2021-02-23 05:32:00 (UTC)

20 & 40 Doesn't Match #9

Dear Diary - My gay friend

So a few weeks gone by and I haven't heard anything from Maddock, I left a few text messages to see how he was but no reply.
I couldn't help but get a hint of a feeling the I was just used. Some puppet he used to scratch an itch.
Our biology teacher always warned us against guys in their 20's, having fun, not really giving a flying fudge, thought that would go away when they hit 30's, definitely 40's. Guess not. So my thoughts went flying as they tend to do. I just got annoyed and accepted, i was just another score. Was that what the woman over the phone meant, "I wouldn't do it if I was you?". Maybe an ex of Maddock. How does she know me?

At work, I got news that I needed to travel the city for an audit, which i normally don't mind, just that it was, again, on my way to "the one that got away", i suppose.

"What is biting your ass?" Sebastian asked. Sebastian is my gay colleague and best friend for well over 10 years now.

"Nothing much."

"Girl, don't lie, i can see you bringing everyone's vibes down here today, ain't nobody liking it." Sebastian always have a... profound word play, but he have always been my rock.

"I just don't want to go to the city."

"Ah, because of that man?" He gave me a stern look.
"It's a city girl, why do you think people move to the city, chances are zero to non that you will see him, go do your job so that you can buy me drinks when you get back." I have always been Stian's wingman.

"Yeah." I wasn't feeling it.

"Want me to join?" He said

"You don't know how to audit." I was excited but they would never let him go.

"I don't need to, just a few tears that my dog died and wham bam, personal leave."

You don't get that anymore, friendship-wise. I guess we are each others wingmen when it always comes to the dating subject.

On the road we go.