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2021-02-23 03:18:31 (UTC)

dog birthday

sad all day because it's my dog's birthday. she's 8 and i haven't seen any recent photos or anything. was hoping for an off chance one via the gram, but alas. fuck. everything's been sad as shit. but somehow more.

anyway, ~a memory~. it was mostly just her and i on the weekdays. the morning walk was our thing. she was a little apprehensive around the scooter at times but on the whole, i think she got as much out of those dubs as i did. romping around willestead (sp) or exploring new paths. HOWEVER (not so) secretly, the best was when she got tired or scared and asked to jump on my lap. and did. And we'd cruise around. underbite, floppy ear'd little dink, and her. crusing n' vibing around. people looking on, just jealous as hell of m

happy birthday, little b.
*hands u virtual dog grade cupcake*

am baby

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