Carrie notes
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2021-02-23 04:07:02 (UTC)


Dear girl's,
If you have been hurt many times and you still know how to smile, trust me you are damn strong
Brave girl, promise me, you will not shrink yourself in order to make others comfortable. Save your feelings for someone who cares. God doesn't want what is good for you. God wants what is best for you.
Be proud of how you've been handling these last few months. The silent battles you fought, the moments you had to humble yourself, the times you've wiped your own tears. Celebrate your strength.
Remember, most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude, and all the extra stress is gone. Just take a moment to tell yourself how proud of you, you are. Your taste in people will change when you learn to love yourself. Don't believe everything you think.

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