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2021-02-22 20:10:05 (UTC)

Perfect Day

How would my perfect day be spent?

I’d have to start by....

My love, waking me up, gentle kisses, running his/her hands through my hair, telling me softly in a whisper “Good Morning love. I love you beautiful “.

A Starbucks latte. Hot slice of Starbucks Banana bread and hot slice of Starbucks Iced Lemon cake. A slice of French toast, with fresh fruit, served in bed. A single flower on my breakfast tray. My love feeding me fruit with whip cream....Soft music playing.

Then, a nice hot salted bath, with candles and soft music.

A nice hour oil rub after my bath.

20 minutes or so of the most slow sensual love making. Not a “fucking”.

Lay in bed almost an hour cuddling with some music playing and candles lit.

Get up, get dressed, go for a short walk hand in hand. (Warm day of course)

Go to get a full set of nails and a pedicure.

Stop off for a picnic lunch. (Don’t care where we get the food to go from)

Quickie sex in the park.

Go for another short walk in a peaceful area, lake, etc.

Head home to relax playing some cards or cuddle up watching some comedy like impractical jokers, king of queens, everybody loves Raymond, Ralphie May, Fluffy etc.

Have a nice dinner in bed, a nice medium cooked steak, a salad, some vegetables (water chestnuts, asparagus, brussel sprouts,) and some fruit.

Have a shared desert tray with my partner, New York style cheesecake, pineapple upside down cake, fudge brownies mixed fruit.

Grab some mixed sex, sensual then kinky/rough.

Then a night hot steamy bath together with candles.

Crawl into bed watching some movies curled up in each other’s arms.

That to me, is a perfect day. The most expensive part would be 60$ for the nail salon.

Just took my medications. It’s 830pm......took them late....thinking.......well,...... I did end up eating s small dinner. Watching everybody loves Raymond, where Frank had to take pills to chose from his tongue or his manhood. 😂🤣OMG was funny.
I always had my favorite.......Robert. But Frank was awesome on the show.
So, I’m going to lay down, smiling, and laugh till I drift off to sleep in my warm heated bed. Maybe this will help put happy thoughts in my head 🤞

Good night y’all.

Much Love,

Drive safe babe. Weather might be rough, making roads rough. Be safe please. 💋