Life Unexpected
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2021-02-22 18:12:29 (UTC)

The truth

I woke up with a happy face as if i had everything that i had always wished for. It felt so good thinking that i was going to meet the love of my life after a year now. Though she had accepted my proposal last month only but we had not met since 1 year. Lockdown had served as prison to all.
I went to her house where her mom and brother welcomed me. They knew me as a friend of hers not as a boyfriend. Well it was obvious because no one will tell their parents so quickly. But she never even bothered to behave like a girlfriend when we were alone.
No hugs
No kisses
Not even a small handshake
And her friend came asking her why she was not accepting my proposal. I was taken aback but i kept quiet. I waited for my girlfriend to tell her friend that she had accepted the proposal last month and we were in a relationship but she never said anything.

It was clear she didn’t want anyone to know about me. About us. I felt bad. Why she didn’t say anything?
I reached home and finally asked her my doubts. All she said was- You don’t need to be in love with me.
After that we had a long conversation and turns out just because she wanted me in her life she stopped me by giving a fake relationship.

I felt used. As if someone choked my feelings. It was like the balloon that flew off from the hands of that innocent child. It was painful....

I drank my medicine and now i am about to go to sleep. That’s the only thing i can do.