Esmeralda's Ramblings
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2021-02-22 21:31:09 (UTC)

Miss Fancy Pants

Last week my Mr. Coffee stopped running, so I went straight to Amazon to purchase its replacement. This time I wanted to try an electric kettle and maybe a french press if I wanted to drink brewed coffee. Then during my grocery, I found a "Bourbon" coffee (for <$4! a bag), didn't really bothered to check what's bourbon-y about it. This morning I tested my french press and the coffee smelled oh so good! I attempted to follow the instructions on how to make coffee but knowing myself, I winged most of it. When I tasted my coffee, it was bitter! I debated adding more sweetener but didn't do it. I'm glad I didn't! As I took more sips, the bitterness is still there but it tasted better. The more sips I took, the better the coffee tasted. I felt my palette was awoken and I felt... posh, sexy, elegant, as if I was a true connoisseur of coffee. I was transformed! Born again! I felt like brushing the instant coffee dust off my shoulder! I can't wait for the morning to come so I can enjoy another cup of Ms. Fancy Pants.