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2021-02-22 13:59:00 (UTC)

Tubes removed

Finally sore but at least able to move around a little more than I was for the past weeks. Again, feel bad for the people in Texas, with no water or electric. Not to mention electric customers getting bills for over $15,000.00 as if their fault. Electric goes up every month and even mine has raised higher than it normally should. But, will all the eclectic heaters as well as central air/heat so expected that. Warned about that, but what does an old man my age know anyway.
Told one of the nurses, that she must run into a lot of dicks on her job, she stated yea, but that is so old and think of another one. Ok, what made you take a job like this. She said I got into it, because few nurses can handle the guys especially your age. Ok, I'll be nice, just wondering as seen waiting room full of older people like me. Wanted to yell out who caught the clap in the se4rvice but changed my mind since I didn't want to hurt any feelings. You probably would have received a lot of frowns upside down. lol Ah ha, answered my question. Now need to go back in a month unless problems start again. Heard some yelling in the front of the house, no idea who or what, but unhappy people as always never a happy time around here. Nice and sunny as well as warm day and driveway even melting to the gravel. Until next time. Have great rest of day as I will, laying in bed watching television. Did pick up Kentucky chicken today, so am feeling good enough to eat that for today and tomorrow's breakfast.
Watch a great movie as to the end times, are you prepared?