If I die today
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2021-02-22 07:34:00 (UTC)

what promise

Yesterday was a great day with nDea not particulary exciting we just hung out and went for a drive just sorta cruisin arounf then came back home. I mentioned to him moms concern about my promise ring and her fussiness about what promise that she didint know what it means and yadada.. Okay so he had a bit to say so I should honor all of his thoughts before I get to carried away. So he said he didnt know what a promise ring was either but he wanted to make me his. Thats all he knew . I want make you mine:) . in the same conversation it was mentioned the promise of commitment. Also this is my highlight he said oh so I guess Its a promise to marry. Anyhow so we breifly touched on getting married but we didnt make any sorta offical plan or even a plan hell right now we are just trying to figure out how to live together. Here's the deal thou if I die I want him to be honored as a spouse even if he's not bc I think we both are headed in that direction. So I think I've found my sorrta will it would be him He's my man he's my family . IDK its hard not living in the same roof but I think of myself as his and I want to completly fufill the wife role. I'm sure thou its a realistic thought that I want to honor him as a spouse if I pass and most defintly do not want my legal husband in anyway involed. I suppose I have a legal issue here . But anyhow I wanna be Dean's wife and he wants the same so I'm gonna say as of today if I pass between now and that process he should have that postion. Anyhow day 2 of DTE. I ate a buncha gummy bears yesterday a whole bag :( on our road trip idk why but I wanted them. So guess I'm screwin up sugar I'm aware thou alos we tried a new taco truck for lunch yesterday so well that didnt fit to a Tee my diet plan but its the equivlant as if I did go along with my frozen burito lunch idea. Physcially well I crapped today all ready i'm eating my squash now already had an apple. the wind is ridioulous lup to 40mph so I'm planning my indoor workout at 8 so I'll do my joint flexiabitliyt then cardio. my knees are hurt thou I dk what I strained probaly hips but both knees are tight to move but i need to get over that its the same stuff diffrent day. I'm way above my intended coffee intake for these 2days but I'm addicted so what did I exspect. Otherwise physcially I wouldnt know whats killing me.

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