London Life
2021-02-22 15:36:14 (UTC)

Running, planting and cycling

On Saturday there was a TH volunteering task arranged with 15 people – something that hasn’t happened for ages and I’ve been really missing. This time I allowed plenty of time to run there, after arriving 20 minutes late at the clothes-sorting task at Denmark Hill on Wednesday. I even had time to check how the daffodils are getting on, that we planted in the autumn. They do seem to be coming up – I knew they were ours because we planted them in circles – but haven’t flowered yet.

Once again, everyone else managed to arrive within about two minutes either side of the scheduled start time. I was glad I was there early though, as it gives me chat time and being first there helps me to get chatting. I was also glad we did a name round, which helps me immensely, as I always forget the names of people I recognise. Surprisingly, as well as litter-picking, we were doing some late bulb-planting. I put my hand up for this, immediately, instead of waiting to see who else was choosing it, and pleasingly, Hannah and Becky J also put their hands up. Possibly they wanted to work with me. I’ve got to know Hannah quite well, and had some fun a couple of weeks ago working with Becky dismantling some wall-boards, using an electronic drill for which we’d been given no instructions.

I had a chat with Hannah on the way over. She went back to her parents’ not long after I last saw her, and has only been back in London for two days. After initially asking where that was, and she said Cheshire, I remembered she was from Northwich, and I had a good chat with her and Becky while we were planting. The tasks I’ve done lately have involved fleeting meetings with others, if at all, though it was lovely to catch up with the affectionate Jay on Friday. Another girl (Laura? Claudia?) who was helping us plant bulbs, remembered me from the warehouse although I didn’t know her at all.

After we’d finished planting, I went over with Becky and Hannah to litter-pick at the far side. There wasn’t a lot to pick up, but we had a chat with a girl on her balcony, who’s just bought a flat overlooking the park and was asking us about the Friends group. Then Becs came over to tell us there was a lot of litter in a corner in some bushes where her and Charlotte (the fun, wild-haired one) were. I went in deep and got a lot out. And afterwards joined Becky G and Becky J for a chat before running home.

As the weather had turned nicer, I’d kept the rest of the weekend free to go out with Jack. We rode along the crowded canal and stopped off at St Mark’s Church grounds for a coffee, sitting on the sloping garden by the canal. Then we climbed up Primrose Hill and sat there for a bit before cycling along the Boardwalk to Wok To Walk in Baker Street. Finally we got another coffee at the Italian café which we drank in front of the Ice Wharf. Plenty of girls in very short skirts in evidence today.

In the evening we actually watched the televised football – only the second time I’ve done this during the pandemic; it seems a bit pointless if you're not part of it, and I've usually had other things to do (and jack had a call last week). They’ve made up seven points on United in a week, going from ten points adrift to only three, not that they seem to have solved their goalscoring problem.