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2021-02-22 09:11:54 (UTC)

Last Kiss

'O desired taste
upon such lips of haste
two hungry mouths,
tracing truth
in a blissful
devoted combine
despite echos
of their shared darkness
now dulled--
a swirling shine
Dueling hot tongues,
purposely slinking
into a languid simmer
behind mewing cries,
~an ethereal linking~
of moist softness
quivering beneath
clenched fisted
breathy sighs,
sighs reverberating
in each other's immense
oral surprise
a toe curling connection...
...a beautiful transcending
a first
last kiss

never ending .....

I’m packed. Just waiting for my kids break between classes. Just gotta move shit to the truck. Just forgot, I left my wash in the shower....will grab it.
Not sure how I’m emotionally feeling today. Fighting tears. Fighting wishes and desires.
Just how it goes I guess.
That dreadful ride home.

Weather has my shoulder hurting. Hip seems to be better at the moment. Was laying quiet a bit last night off and on sure that helped. I’m normally in my bed most of the day at home.

Till I’m home, signing off.....
PIP, I will call ya later this afternoon. Got a conference call at 2, so, around 6 ? Will update ya then 👍
To my 19 followers....
Have a beautiful Monday......

Much love