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2021-02-22 08:30:40 (UTC)

Feeling like a F*ck up

Well, dozed back off a few, only to have nightmares.
Woke up, tried making breakfast for him, screwed up on the eggs and what was garbage and what was recycling.....not to mention the garbage disposal.....
Looks like I didn’t run the dishwasher right either.
Spilt coffee grounds on the floor so cleaned it up. Will mop before I head home.
Just a shitty day.
Kinda wanted the morning to go differently, but, that’s what I get for not speaking up, but kinda shows other things as well in my mind.
I’m really on edge.
I’m frozen for one....went out and cleaned off his vehicles, then did mine. Moved my truck closer on the street to load up later today and head home.
Might be earlier because of the sleet and snow coming this way in a few hours.
Don’t wanna go, but don’t wanna stay if that makes any damn sense.
I wanna stay but feel like I’m in the way.
I don’t wanna go home because my anxiety will be even worse.

Guess I’m going to start packing shit up so when my kid has lunch we have time to get home and he can pick up on his classes.

Till later...

*crying silent tears*