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2021-02-22 13:48:37 (UTC)

Doctor tubes removal day

This morning after a weeks delay, because of weather, I finally get all the tubs removed from my body and hopefully everything is a little bit back to normal after the removals. The delay was from the weather, as even a think ice fall makes most offices and business to close for a period of time. Hell, awoke this morning, or really from James the caretakers older kid sneaking around as he normally does when asleep, but I awaken when I feel the slightest movement around me. Yell, what are you doing in here after 2100? I came to tell you that I turned the water off in the sink. Oh, thanks then after a few questions, said now get a coke and go to bed. Which he did. I didn't get up until 0400 and sure enough would not have to go to the doctors with a weeks of body wash downs when no water is handy. Not only that was nice to flush a toilet with water and not have to use a gallon of water from the store at .85 a gallon. After spitting out air and whatever the faucets had to do, here comes the life saving life for all. Texas, still in poor shape and even without electric. But, were all been given warnings for sometime now. So, hopefully some will have learned from this experience.
I think I like this new diary entry thing, so may just fall back on this, not real sure at this time as I always try out new things in time. Have so many aspects of blogs around the world as well as in America, not sure of which I want, but try to post new ones at times before I close off sending notices to other locations. For now I need to get prepared to shovel myself out of snow and ice and make my way to doctors.

The End times are here, I suggest you read/view the following to understand.

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