2021-02-22 08:29:15 (UTC)

20 & 40 Doesn't Match #8

Dear diary - The mystery woman

At around 1am I wake with my cellphone blasting my ringtone.
Still freshly woken, i manage to mutter a few words, "Speaking"

There was a silence and after a few second a voice came through that sounded familiar.

"I told you not to" the woman said. " it was the same voice from a few weeks ago.

"Who is this?" I was getting irritated.

"It doesn't matter."

"If it doesn't matter why the fuck do you call me at 1am?"

"I need you to stay clear, he will get you, if you don't. He will hurt you."

"Who will? Who is this?"

"It doesn't matter, just don't make contact and let the past in the past."

I ended the call. Though I regretted it, it was too early and I wasn't drunk enough for this.
I just fall back to sleep when I heard glass breaking.

I stood up to investigate although it is horror movie 101. Non-the-less, I saw a rock in the middle of the living room, attached to it was a letter. I read, "If you prayed for my downfall, you should get a refund back"

What that meant, i have no clue. I walked to the window that was now clearly broken to see if I can still catch who ever was out on the street. But it was empty, dark, just a lone dimmed street light in the distance. A hand suddenly touch my shoulder and i gave swing in the dark, anti-climax, it was my father that heard the glass. Yeah, landed one on the jaw.

"Jezus! Really!" He yelled. I didn't felt bad though, taught him not to sneak up on me.
"You okay?" He added

"100" I replied.

"What happened?"

"Nothing, probably just a bird flying blindly." Obviously lying. My dad, returned to bed and I followed after making sure no one returned to the street.

Not sure what that message meant, I just went back to bed. This was surely tomorrow's worry.