Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-02-22 07:57:17 (UTC)

Hello, and good morning.

Hello today. Good morning!

I am back at school today! I absolurlty hated this week off, stuck indoors with almost nothing to do on a couple of days.

For dinner yesterday I had chicken curry with rice. Mark mDe it for me, because he cleaned the kitchen, and didn't want me messing it up by using it.
Mum asked me why I didn't tell her that I ran out of cereal, and I said that it was because I thought she knew that I had ran out. 'No I didn't' she replied. So today, after school, I will have to go down to the shops to get some more cereal.

For bewakfast today I has a philadelphia sandwich, which was made yesterday and foiled up for the morning. I woke up at exactly 6:44AM today. The school bus will arrive at around 8:30.

My entry ends here.