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2021-02-22 07:23:20 (UTC)

He is dating someone

Yeaaaaa, i have been stalking his number and every night his call his busy on true caller. yesterday it was busy around 12 am till 12.45am. hmmmm so that bastard is dating someone. last time when i called him on weekend he kept his phone on silent and repeatedly disconnected my call and ignored msgs because he was with someone. i was so sure that he took his mom to clinic. i cannot believe he can do this to me. Oh Lord and I begged him to come back uffff I don't what was going on my mind. I thought I will not regret but I do but I dnt care and also I came to know abt his all kartut. Oh My Holy God. I called him and his behavior was as if I did something wrong with him like i cheated on him or something. He just with me because he had no one and when his family is with him he betrayed me. I never knew his this side nor i ever thought he would be so. God bless himm.... you and me actually alag alag raste as you said. but he will be in this sweet misunderstanding that karuna did come and she did beg and was sorry. well, i guess you should be in that sweet misunderstanding and some day you will realize my worth. am sure i was never wrong or did anything wrong. yes i spoke all bad to you but you deserved it.
byeee forever.....