MsMKT's Musings
2021-02-22 05:14:46 (UTC)

What is a mistake people often make about you?

People often mistake me as being a shy person and then that shyness is misinterpreted as weakness.

I'm not shy nor am I weak.

I just don't speak to people I don't know. I don't try to hold conversations with people I have zero interest in knowing. I'm picky about the people I let enter into my bubble of positivity. There are way too many toxic people in this world to just let someone into your bubble because they tell a good joke at work or they buy you a drink or whatever reason people become friends with people. I'm a people watcher. Before I approach anyone I watch how they move around other people. And if they approach me first, I keep my distance until I'm sure that person is worthy of my space.

It is 100% okay to be selective about who you allow into your life. And I do so. I also have zero problem cutting people out of my life who prove that have f*cked me over and no longer deserved to be in my life.

People who know me call me hard but I'm not. I'm protective of my space and I'm selective of the people I let into it.

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