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2021-02-21 18:45:09 (UTC)

Good Night

His side by side broke down so he came home early.
Kinda a sign in my opinion.

We played some skipbo and I enjoyed the family time together.
Oh snap....
I just said “our FAMILY time”......
Guess I see this as a complete thing eh?

I ended up taking meds for my pain and took a few hour nap.

Still not feeling the greatest.
I still have this metallic blood taste in my mouth.

I realized too, being here, I still have 1/2 pack of smokes from my pack I opened on Thursday......so in 4 days I’ve only smoked 9 cigarettes. That’s f*cking impressive. At home I’m making almost a pack a day. But it’s outa boredom, or nerves.

Got movies playing now.
I’m going to be heading back to bed soon, just still super tired.
Been dealing with numbness in my left side, seems to ease when I’m laying down.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.