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Best Katelyn D Moments:

Season 1:
May 25, 2017:
Clip: Katelyn entering her studio:
June 1, 2017:
Clip: Katelyn got funishment for Emilio's quote:
June 8, 2017:
Clip: Katelyn to Frida Cano: "Your sister is so cute, what is your height?":
August 17, 2017:
Clip: Katelyn practices for her Old school games:
November 16, 2017:
Clip: Katelyn teases Rolando's relationship:
December 1, 2017:
Clip: Katelyn gets ready for the 2nd year anniversary party for RoLexa's:
December 7, 2017:
Clip: Katelyn messes up with Paulina's last quote:
Katelyn: Okay, we have the winner of this Tweet for using hashtag Friends Thurs Happy Vibes is! Clarissa D!
Paulina B: Congratulations!
Katelyn: So use this social media for today's hashtag in Twitter, Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and use the Snapchat to use the hashtag of the day Friends Thurs Happy Vibes!
Paulina B: Yes yes Kate! Thank you so much!
(Audience laughter, while the other teammates are still laughing)
Katelyn D: I have to drink water quick. (drinks water bottle)
January 4, 2018:

January 5, 2018:

January 11, 2018:
February 2, 2018:
February 16, 2018:
April 19, 2018:
April 20, 2018:
April 26, 2018:
April 27, 2018:
August 9, 2018:
Clip: Bebot showdown: Katelyn vs Brisa:
August 17, 2018:
Clip: Katelyn's Final Message for the end of Season 1:
Big Brother Season 1:
September 24, 2018:
Clip: Katelyn entering her big brother house:
December 6, 2018:
Clip: Katelyn just slipped into the dark room challenge:
Katelyn: I can't believe that this challenge is gonna be so hard, and I didn't win this dark room challenge, and I am gonna buzzed me off.
(Big Brother Voice: 3, 2, 1)
(SFX: Whistle)
(Maris presses the box and dings)
Maris: Yay!
(Murguia presses the box and dings)
(Rolando presses the box and dings)
(Rolando: I wish, Katelyn will be eliminated for the dark room challenge.)
(Kiyana presses the box and dings)
(Brandon presses the box and dings)
(Katelyn presses the box and buzzes)
Katelyn: No!!! The bell will not came off!
Kiyana T: You already lost for that challenge Katelyn.
Katelyn: (to Kiyana) I know. Just make it the mistake.
(Big Brother Voice: Katelyn Deering, you have been eliminated)
(Katelyn: Damn, I was not gonna to win for the hoh challenge, *gets a tissue, and wipes the tears*)
December 14, 2018:
Clip: Katelyn x Moon: Girl Talk in Confession Room:
December 20, 2018:
January 4, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn got eliminated:
Season 2:
January 7, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn lost for the season 1 big night:
February 7, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn gets a water gun with Jorge M, Diana Martinez, Andrea Leal and Andres C:
March 14, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn fears about the Carrie's Scene: Plug it up:
March 21, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn sprays the water gun again to Sofia:
Evan F: Okay teammates, we have the water gun fight. Sofia De Alba vs Katelyn Deering!
(Audience cheering)
(Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti playing)
(Music stops)
Evan F: You are gonna read the question and guess who's teammate fault was it. Ready?
Sofia and Katelyn: (to Evan) Yes.
Evan F: Okay, first round, Who has been stuck in Big Brother Season 1 that Stan smith shoes got a lot of slime?
(Katelyn presses the button)
Evan F: Katelyn Deering.
Katelyn D: Rolando Redona.
Evan F: Correct! One point for Kate! Next one, Who has been eliminated for the last round of the dark room challenge?
(Katelyn presses the button)
Katelyn D: Jorge Alejandro.
Evan F: Correct! Two points for Kate! Sofia, try to press the button next time except Katelyn.
(Audience laughter)
Sofia D: I was staring at the sky for answering the question.
Evan F: (laughter) Try not to stare at the sky.
(Audience Laughs)
April 11, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn's reaction for Esteban is gay photo yesterday:
April 12, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn successfully got the lost point for Emilio:
May 23, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn emotionally about RoMaris relationship breakup:
May 24, 2019:
Clip: Rap Battle: Katelyn vs Emilio Sal:
May 30, 2019:
June 6, 2019:
June 7, 2019:
Clip: Katelyn reaction of Emilio's graduation:

No Audience:
July 16, 2020:
July 17, 2020:
Clip: Katelyn decides to take a prank for Ayleen and Itzel:
Big Brother Season 2:
February 4, 2021:
February 11, 2021:
February 18, 2021:
February 25, 2021:
April 1, 2021:
Clip: Katelyn wins for her basketball game:
April 30, 2021:
Clip: Katelyn has been eliminated:
Season 3:

Big Brother Season 3:

Season 4:

Big Brother Season 4:

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