If I die today
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2021-02-21 07:36:00 (UTC)

squash n cleanse

This morning I started my DTE cleanse so I olny put 1/2 tsp to start today. Took it this morning .. then had an apple. Theres not much I can do in the way of elimating coffee so have been having my coffee but switching to tea after this cup. Squash is for breakfast now just steamed it and added butter believe it or not less butter than my usual but still above what is nessary and techinly on DTE butter should be cut but wah I'm doing the best I can. I pooped yesterday but no promise that with the DTE i wont be clogged I feel ok physicaly still have tight knees. Yesterday I fininished off the papa johns pizza so all 3 slices for lunch and my last wine cooler. Then for dinner after my bath at 645ish I decided I did want to eat so finished up the applesuace I have about 1cup left so it was perfct. but instanly got heartburn but I think the pizza was more the culprtet there than applesauce but was odd. In the bath well I totaly forgot to shower off so I had a bubble bath dr. Teals but I had added some acv. IDK how I totally spaced showering off after and by the time I figured out I was already chill and not going back in there .. ha so guess I may have aborsed some extra whatever epson salt n stuff from the bath. Nothing else noteable if i mysetersiously die today. crimewise I guess I'm chilled out. Socially omg I love this man and I suppose its just looking like were gonna get place together idk when but we sure do talk about it a lot and I'm looking at options. We even talked about yesterday getting an apartment while saving for a mobile home so an apartment would be tempory. I'm well taken care of. he bought me jeans and a shirt. IDK I wanted the shirt and its cute and feels good but I didnt have the heart to tell him is rayon. See the whole conduction thing and elcetricty and bullcrap in the world today I pursue as much cotton or bamboo clothes and possible try to stay away from this freaky shit but I did pick out the shirt myself sooo guess this is what I get. I"m impressed thou with nDea he is proving himself to be a good man a provider. Well I guess not too much else to say if I die today well I think everything I want to say has been in place.

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