Alan T. Fitch

My personal diary
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2021-02-21 11:55:23 (UTC)

Hello, and morning.

Hello there, and good morning!

I would've written an entry earlier, but this device needed charging, and for a couple hours I forgot to turn the switch on to start it charging.

I am currently playing on my headphones Confetti - Ghost. I like this song. I found it from one of Wingedwolf94's animations, which uses the song. He is a furry YouTuber.

I woke up around 7:30AM, but didn't get up until an hour later. Mum and Mark were talking to each other, while I fell in and out of sleep for that hour still in bed.
When I got out of bed, mum said morning when I went to refill my water bottle right beside my bed. I also took my meds. Mum asked me to go down the shops for Tango for her. I. Asked if I could get myself a sweet, kind of cheekily. 'Yes' she said.
When I went down to the shops, the shop wasn't open. I was just a little early. While waiting, I noticed that there was very little people or cars on the streets, and that shocked me, because yesterday I had anxiety because of how many people out there were.

Eventually the shop opened, while having a quick convocation with a stranger who needed a stamp for his post to post it wherever it needed to go. Nothing personal I said, just 'early, are we?' and that started the tiny convosation.

I got myself a £1 chocolate bar. The total was £5.78, for two bottles of Tango, two small twix chocolate bars for mum and Mark, and the chocolate bar for me I bought.
I ate the chocolate bar, then my breakfast, as I hadn't had it yet. Mark also asked me to let daisy out into the garden. I did so.
Also, I felt sick after the chocolate and cereal. That was probably because both were chocolate-based, and the cereal was dry.

I made a couple poems on on my 3DS XL while this device was charging. The one I like the most (also the most recent) was a poem for a contest based on the Holocaust. My poem rhymes all the way through, and is a four-line four-stanza poem. I used three different rhymes: Whatever rhymes with 'said', then I used rhymes with 'went', the finally, 'go'. For the first two stanzas, they were rhyming with 'said', then the third was 'went' then the last stanza was 'go'. I quite like what I made.

Now I might go and do some pushups downstairs, as I am upstairs and I can only do pusgups in my room at a weird angle. It's that small!

My entry ends here.