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Being Sam
2021-02-21 09:42:41 (UTC)

It actually bloody worked..

£50 of trying to "top up" the hotspot box later, I managed a zoom party with my brother, sister her husband and my niece and my mum too.
My brother looked like he would rather be doing anything else haha but he was there! And it was actually pretty fun. My sisters husband was super drunk from the start which I know she will have been so so mad about, but I found it hilarious and it made the crap game that is bingo a million times better. We all laughed alot and everyone had bought a cake at their houses so I had to "blow out the candles" virtually lol. Honestly it was just really nice to see them all since it's been more than 6 months since I saw my mum, and over a year since I saw my brother and sister and their families and without getting super emotional, it made me feel loved and cared about that they had tried to do what they could to make a big birthday in lockdown that bit better.