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2021-02-20 14:27:00 (UTC)

A Cellphone day off.

At last a good day after five days of feeling achy and with headaches, etc. I woke up rested and able to move arround without having a hard time breathing, even though am eager to get back on my rutine, Dr. orders say other wise. So for now I will continue to take it easy, I will read me a book today or finish some that I began reading. I'm also taking a Cell phone day off. Need to take advantage and learn how to live without all the drama out there. I will survive. Some times I don't realize how atached to my phone I am in till I turn it off. But I began noticing I had a cell problem when my battery would run dead and I'd get execited about it. So this time all take a serious break. Yes you might think well am on my PC so it realy does,'t coun't. I just had to run in here and write about it for the record. LOL.
My birthday is coming up, this will not be the first time am in bedrest for this day, so the universe responded I did not want to be arorund anybody on my birthday but spend it alone with my husband and child. and it will come true. how bout that.