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2021-02-20 14:49:26 (UTC)

More newbies at the gym 😊

New gym peeps today at class. Class was full !!! What is going on?! Usually, this is when newbies drop out. Average length of time before someone quits the gym? 10 days. Weird fact huh? Anyway, today's gym was at full capacity. Today was fun. Slightly different routine or at least a routine we haven't done in a long ass time and that was to rotate to different stations. It was the norm during pre-covid but not anymore. So today we had that and it was great!! Sorry but being stuck in a square 6'x6' area just isn't the same. We decided into three groups so not a small as before when we'd have 4 or 5 per group. So it was like 15 per group.

I was next to my cute friend D. She's short and so sweet. Such a cutie. Then right next to both of us was a new lady. Felt bad for her because she didn't know what to do. When we'd lift our dumbbells up, she'd bring it down. When doing one routine, she'd be lost and didn't know how to do it. So my friend D said to copy me. I said "what?". It's detox Saturday for me so I'm not the guy to follow. But honestly, didn't drink that much last night and I had a good almost 8 hrs of sleep. First time in a long time. So today, I had buku energy and was flying through our AMRAPs.

The newbie was looking at me like a lost puppy so I slowed down and had her copy me. She was lost but once she mirrored me, she was fine. After class, she came over and thanked me for helping her. I said "Your'e welcome and now you can sign up for a 5 yr membership". She laughed and our coach heard and he too laughed. Asked her what her name was and I told her mine. Her name is Stephanie.

After class my other buddy asked me who she was and then asked for the 411 about "my friend". Told him I don't know her and this was the first time I ever saw her. He was surprised and said we were talking like we knew each other. I said "Nope, I'm just doing the social butterfly thang aka: Man whore :) " LOL. Can't tell if she's cute or not because we were indoors and had to wear our masks.

After class I decided to have a cheat meal. I ordered the biggest breakfast at Lumberjacks. Even after I ate all I could, the leftovers was enough for another full plate of food. I was going to just leave it but decided to pack it up for a homeless dude/dudette. Drove around and saw a makeshift home on the corner near my house so I dropped off the plate of food and let whomever was in there know I had just dropped off some food. This was what's left after I was done.

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