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2021-02-20 22:08:22 (UTC)

Thinking about joining the army (short entry)

Hello, once more today.

I am supposed to be in bed, but I started to daydream that I was in the army, proud to be there and proud to serve my country. I had thought about it for months.
I did a little bit of research about what I could do, and the autism side of it.

I asked Mum what she would think of me, and she said 'You can't join the army because you are autistic.'
'They consider High function aspergers.'
'But you are High functioning autistic.'
That confused me, because High Functioning is a type of aspergers. Still, I asked my mum about volunteering, and still the same answer. Mark then said 'no offence, Brad, but you wouldn't be cut out for the army, especially if you got called up to a war zone.'
'And as fast as you run I don't think you could outrun a bullet.' Mum said.

I then went to bed, and overheard three words: 'Sargeant' by Mark, and 'he's bisexual' by Mum. I went back in thinking 'what the f###?!'. She told me that I was listening to a convocation. Well, if it's going to include a bit if my sexual life then yes, I am going to listen in!
Anyway, she told me that they don't enlist homizexual people, under any circumstances. Now I don't think that's true, because that is discrimination against sexuality. It that is true, then again, what the f###?

Well, there goes my short-lived dream of becoming a soldier for four years before dreaming of becoming an Olympic runner.