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2021-02-20 14:11:08 (UTC)

Going Out

Spur of the moment thing...
Heading out for prime rib with another couple.
I, of course, am having anxiety.
I don’t do this....
But something he wants to do.
A nice restaurant. I didn’t pack anything decent in my opinion.
I have black eyes, and I don’t wear makeup other than eye liner, blush, and lip gloss.....
But, oh well.
That’s what I get for crying all week.....from anxiety attacks.
I don’t like prime rib so will probably eat just a salad.
I’m finally losing weight. I’m down to 136 pounds. Only wanna lose about another 12 pounds and tone up. For 5’6” I think I’m ok.

But, till later....

Love Pinky 💋