Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-02-20 19:21:12 (UTC)

Good late-evening

Hi there, again. Good evening or night.

I plated my PSP this morning, playing he one game I only and always play... Medal of Honor: Heroes. I played skirmish mode, which is basically an online deathmatch mode, but not online; the enemies are computers. I played for a total of 15 minutes. 10 minutes on one game, 5 minutes the next (and last).

Mum had her jab, around 11:30, which took about 10-20 minutes. She had to go into a put-up tent, and when her name was called she had the jab in the building we went to. Me and Mark stayed in the car, because we had to. I played on my 3DS XL for a little bit, as I brought it with me. I played a bit of 'Professer Layton And The Pandora's Box'. I like the Professer Layton games. I used to play them as a kid, and I have never grown out of them.

I really wanted to go outside today in the garden, but Mum and Mark said 'no, because it's too cold'. It was sunny out there! And they still think it's cold? Well, after opening a window to feel the air, as I was wondering how hot or cold it was, I kind of got where they were coming from.

Oh my God, am I glad today is over! I forgot to take my meds this morning, so I was starving hungry (sarcastic), and time was going so so slowly. My God, so slowly! I spent most of the day watching GTA on YouTube. I watched one particular YouTuber, called 'ENXGMA'. He makes GTA videos, but of logic of the cops, fire, cars etc. throughout the games, from GTA III to GTA V. My 'take a break' reminder went off twice today, and it's set for 50 minutes. Both times I dismissed it as well.

Eventually time went round, and I had my dinner, which was bangers and mash. It was a microwaveable meal. I asked if I could use some of the leftover sweetcorn in the fridge with my mash potato. Mark said that I might as well use the rest of it up. Well, all that sneaking some sweetcorn into my hand and eating it was worth it; I would never be caught! Still, I shouldn't have done it.

Bringing me to the present... I am kinda bored, but not hungry (thankfully)! My entry ends here.