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2021-02-20 17:01:55 (UTC)

The Root Of Evile

Lately I have been really been bothered by something I have not talked about in awhile. Sure when talked about it in the past the other people involved acted like I was the only one in the wrong. For the last year though I have gotten myself into counseling to help me with my issues and to better my life.
Lately Barton apartments, John Pennington, Danna Robinton, and Dan hunter have been on my mind. See these three people thought I was the root to all their problems. At some point when I saw how I become a pawn in whatever their little reality was.
1. Danna was supposed to be a homehealthcare aid to a nieghbbor. Lets just say there was a lot of marijuana happing! She hacked into my Facebook account after I blocked her and tried to have me evicted from Barton apartments based on posts and some responses to her text messages.
2. John was the maintenance man who did more thinking with what was in his pants than what was on his shoulders. He came into my apartment without so much as a work order and after work hours expecting sex.
3. Dan he moved into Barton apartments expecting the whole world to revolve around him. He would drink and smoke marijuana to the point where he would get verbally abusive. One night he came out in the hall while he was under the influence and kept lifting up my bra and shirt. When I would try to get away from him he would follow me into my apartment.
All these people were trouble makers yet instead of taking responsibility for their actions I get blamed for their problems.