taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-02-20 09:59:45 (UTC)

one thing i know that's true

(new) crush: ... watches all my insta stories even though they are bad. i've kind of had always had a mini crush on her, since those early 20s punk rock days. we went on one "date" - she picked me up in her shitty car and we went to the mow and i got #tipsy. i think we mostly talked about our exes. she was intimidatingly gorgeous, but like, approachable and a good person. still can't believe we were even out together. i had cigarettes for reasons. so after the bar we drove around a bit smoking and i obviously tried to throw a dart out the window and it bounced in the car. classic dvb. but she was cool about it and laughed (it was a shjtty car). she dropped me off and i gave her the rest of the cigarettes after deciding i was not cool enough for them and she would get more use out of them.

man. maybe i should have tried to kiss her?? nah. that ain't me. it wasn't.. ehm.

so yeah. fast forward through the marriage decade. we talked briefly after my regrettably public break up. she told me there was extramarital activity in her relationship (as well). she's just really nice. we haven't spoke in like 3 years again, but her watching literally all my stories. that's what's up. basically indicates romantic interest in a person in 2021 and all i need to dive headlong into an unspoken croush, consuming much of me for the next 3 to 33 weeks.

that she is extremely married and has two (adorable) kids is.. it's actually perfect. the less available the better.

don't mind me. fantasizing being part of her cute family and we're all snuggling up under a cfdfgfxcfgnvccs

just, can't believe she wants to get down on this d

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