Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-02-20 10:30:58 (UTC)

Guten morgen.

Guten morgen, wie geht es die?

Last night I played Medal of Honor: Heroes on my PSP. I play the campaign mode on Green (easy) difficulty. I played the final Misson of the game and the third-first mission twice.

For dinner I had cottage pie, which was a microwaveable meal. I was going to have bangers and mash but I changed my mind last minute.

I went to bed around 7:48PM. I woke up around 8:03AM. I went downstairs at 8:30 to have my breakfast. And at 10:40 Mum and Mark got up. Mum's having her vaccine today.
When she got up, I asked her if I could have an apple. 'Yes' she said. Later on I asked her if I could have the rest of my cartoned banana milkshake. She said 'yes' again. I also made myself another bowl of cereal.

Bringing us to the present moment, there is nothing more to say. Other than I am about to play the same game again on my PSP.

My entry ends here.