Being Sam
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2021-02-20 08:56:52 (UTC)

Zoom party.

My sister planned surprise "zoom party" for my 30th with my family and clearly didn't think about the fact that I still have no broadband and our phone signal in this house is shoddy. She called me in a panic this week telling me it was meant to be a surprise but now she's worried I won't be able to "attend" my own party LOL. Chances are I really might not be able to, which makes an already depressing birthday that little more sour.
We have a hotspot box that costs a small fortune so will try to do that but god knows how this will go! The thought was really sweet though and I appreciate her for trying to make it feel a little more exciting and special for me.

I should have been on a cruise right now, kayaking off the coast of Hondouras and exploring Mayan ruins. Sucks that I'm not but atleast I have my nice new house to focus on.

Dean has got me a pearl necklace for my birthday. I haven't seen it yet but I can't wait to wear it. I'm pretty sure I've posted about it before but I've always wanted one. Not sure why. Either way I'm excited for that. My dad posted me presents which look like champagne and chocolates and I know you're meant to be grateful for anything somebody gets you, but this is my dad. This is a BIG birthday. My brothers 18th? My dad and his wife paid for him (and his girlfriend) to go to New York, they bought him another car and private plate and then took him for a super fancy meal. My 18th? My dad wasn't talking to me and hadn't for YEARS but 6 days after my birthday, called me to tell me he had put £100 through my letterbox..I lived in Scotland at the time and he still lived in Manchester soooo not sure he got the memo on that one. Just to drive home my point though of being treated unfairly, and also carrying on with this ungrateful rant, my elder brother and sister got £250 for their 18th each, they got the same for their 21st too. I got a fake Pandora bracelet for my 21st. So I don't know why I'm surprised that he's sent me something less thoughtful than pretty much everyone else I know and has put little to no effort in.
My mum, Donna and Danny have all got me a bookcase! Won't lie I'm super excited to have the space in my snug for 2 big bookcases right next to each other and I can't wait to get my books up on them!