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2021-02-20 01:20:50 (UTC)

That feeling of Puke

I just thought I was going to puke my guts out just now

“If this relationship ends......”

Those words, hit hard and I was ready to puke instantly, wanted to cry and barely heard anything else said.

I DONT want to be this invested. Means, I’m setting myself up for a very bad heartbreak and pain.

(Shivering with chills)
Am I delusional thinking and hoping this is my last try for what I want?

My gut is saying....
“Hurry up kid, graduate, get married and have ya first born so I can go to my next life”
Yep, I’m here because of one person, my son. If he wasn’t here, I sure the hell wouldn’t be.

Gotta go...
Going to take medications.
I’m sinking into a bad place....