Random Thoughts
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2021-02-20 06:01:39 (UTC)


Lately i noticed my diary became a love diary. Am I psycho lover or what? Nah not like that. People write about past and present. The past things I think, i healed from it completely. Yeah I do have regrets for few things but tbh I'm working on those things. Regarding friends, the older you become , your circle becomes smaller. I never had a true friend though. I really don't care if anyone is coming in my life or going out of my life. I became feelings less I guess. Actually, when you get same types of wound again and again , surprising you pain bearing capabilities increase. After a point, you just become so strong that you don't give a damn. That's what happening with me. I fully accepted my past except one matter. As i said I'm working on it. Hopefully it will go away.
Regarding my present, It is so boring, study and study and yeah a little bit worry about future and my love towards him. But point is, he is just a part of my life not the whole life. So my diary shouldn't contain only about his thoughts.
I started Intermediate fasting actually. I need to be little fit. I will do that for a week and check the results. Like how i am feeling.
I used to write about too many stuffs on my diary. Now I really don't have any topic. Yeah that's an another problem of my life. I mean may be it is a problem.