Do Not Disturb

2021-02-18 18:22:40 (UTC)


I had a missed call yesterday from my second job saying that I was suppose to work yesterday last night but I work again tonight fron 5:30-9:30 but I never got any number from them in my call list. I don't know and I even put the right number in the computer when I had to do all that information stuff in. I also called the people that owned Mcdonald's. Corporate and they said that they'll send me an email this week about my W-2s because I'd never received it. It took me to go up their and ask the store manager because they couldn't pick up the phone and when they finally did. The manager wasn't still helping so Carol was their and he gave me the number so...BAM!!!! I got that out of the way. My mother kept getting onto me about that stuff but only because she needs help paying with the bills and I don't mind really but the rest is mines.

But anyways I start my new job tonight and I get off at 9 which is great because I work at KFc in the morning from 10-3 every day. The managers here are stressful sometimes they want everything to be done their way which is acceptable because their the manager but still if, a person is still learning even if they been working for almost a month now still isn't an excuse and if they need and ask for help they need help.

But its whatever. I still kept my cool. For the most part.

- A

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