Camila Maita 🍁

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2031-03-11 22:27:00 (UTC)

Best Salvador S Moments:

Season 1:
May 22, 2017:
Clip: Salvador entering the stage:
June 1, 2017:
Big Brother Season 1:

Season 2:


No Audience:

Big Brother Season 2:

Season 3:
September 24, 2021:
Clip: Salvador teases Geovanna dance off:
Salvador: (gets the water gun and sprays Geovanna's crop while she was dancing)
Geovanna: Oh my god Salvador. (runs around the studio at you)
Salvador: Three dollars Down for you Geovanna.
Evan: (laughs)
Geovanna: Evan, Salvador just tease me once.
Big Brother Season 3:

Season 4:

Big Brother Season 4:

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