La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-02-19 18:16:00 (UTC)

On a shedule

2 days on treatment...Dr. did not want to take any chances with my cronic illness and my oxigen levels droping so fast. So yes am on bed rest taking med's on a schedule and hot teas to highdrate myself witch os better than water. I don't like water except on very hot hot days. When I can drink it ice cold. I feel fine as long as I don't do anything because the moment I get up to get something si can out of breath. Good thing I have nextflix and my phone handy otherwise I'd be done reading a few books haha that's didn't sound good. It shud be the other way arround.
Any how since I been sick I've had a lot of emotional suport specialy from my hisband he's been suh a sweetheart making sure I have all that I neeed, specialy my med's.
So for now will keep on top of the Dr. Recomendations and rest.